Recro Consulting brings together the best of personal and professional development expertise coupled with recruitment, training, change and consultancy.

Our client base spans government departments including DWP, local authorities, colleges, housing associations, businesses, schools, universities and the voluntary sector.

One of our key drivers is what could be achieved with those who are least likely to get near  this expertise? The results are phenomenal!

We’ve worked throughout the UK from London, Birmingham, Manchester to Southampton, Burton, Oban and Glenrothes, often with DWP and local authorities.

When we run The Life You Want©, we’re often referred people who have been through countless programmes previously with no success. Then they do The Life You Want©, are transformed, get a paradigm shift in confidence, motivation and aspiration and now understand how recruitment works and what employers want and need. And then many get a job, keep it and progress.

Over 99% complete the programme and report a significant increase in motivation, confidence, aspiration and self-esteem. They have a renewed sense of purpose, a clear direction and a plan that will work.

Historically, our programmes have seen between 50%-80% move into sustainable employment when measured over a 12-month tracking period.

Our programmes are different, innovative and highly effective. This is consistently noted by delegates and commissioners who visit or contract manage, training providers who take people from us and employers who hire from us.

Our team has UK wide and global experience with a diverse mix of expertise including facilitation, performance, psychology, recruitment, training, assessment, HR, change, coaching, mentoring and consultancy. Our broad range of associations have expertise in areas including education, diversity, social exclusion, health, gangs, offending, learning and development, organisational change, TFT, NLP and other cutting edge techniques and disciplines which can significantly improve health and wellbeing.

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