Project Description

The Life You Want © – Kelly Case Study

The Life You Want © programme is a 2-week personal breakthrough and employability programme that gives unemployed people the skills and knowledge to get into work.

Kelly had severe social anxiety that was holding her back in life, and in work. Her extreme lack of self-confidence made it difficult for her to interact with others in social situations. She would overthink every situation, trying to get it right, which only served to drive her further into worry. This made finding and keeping a job a huge struggle. In one role, she only managed a few days before leaving due to anxiety.

She was eventually referred to Recro Consulting by her work coach, which was how she was put on The Life You Want © programme. This programme proved to be ideal for a candidate like Kelly. It not only provides employment skills and knowledge, but assistance in increasing motivation and self-confidence. Candidates are offered one-to-one support with a recruiter, CV advice, and additional support.

When we first met Kelly, she was too nervous to turn on her camera, or participate in any discussion with people she didn’t know. Speaking with her individually, she expressed frustration with her own anxiety, which prevented her from enjoying life fully. Her biggest goals were to socialise more, have fun, and get better at life. From an employment perspective, she was interested in a role in care, having had experience in helping others from taking care of her dad.

Kelly was assigned an experienced recruiter, who discussed the problems she was facing in getting work, and how to combat them. She was introduced to the Zenpower app, which utilises a tapping method on various parts of the body to manage stress and anxiety. “I found it really good. Especially when I felt anxious or worried about anything, I would use it. I felt calmer and less worried about things,” she told us,.

We reworked her CV to better reflect her passion for the care industry, and searched for care roles in her area that she could apply to. But Kelly’s confidence was already growing by this point, and she took the initiative to ask a manager at KFC if they had any job openings. She was given an interview, and though she didn’t get the job in the end, it was a sign that she could turn her life around.

She was eventually offered an interview after applying to care homes with her new CV. We prepared her for the interview by going through the typical questions she would be asked, and helped her calm her nerves. While walking to the interview, and while waiting for it to start, she used the Zenpower app to compose herself. She was offered a job straight after.

Everyone at Recro is so impressed with the change in her. She really came out of her shell, more confident in herself and with others.