Project Description

Route way 1 – Community Engagement Programme

The Job Centre had identified a need amongst women in the Asian Community in Yardley and Spark Hill, Birmingham. They were looking for a course, as part of a Route way 1 community engagement programme, to help build their confidence, motivation and aspiration, and also encourage a positive link with the Job Centre.

We ran two programmes of The Life You Want © – a personal breakthrough, motivation and employment programme which ran 9 days over three weeks and hosted 30 Asian women. The groups benefited greatly from the course and the feedback was outstanding both from attendees and our contacts at JCP.

Many of these women had significant barriers to work – language issues, lack of work experience, no qualifications, single parents, years at home, plus some significant health and mental health issues.

Their increased confidence, engagement and communication with others led to a real flourish of happiness, joy and hope for their futures and the ‘Life They Want’.

One of the group had been suffering from debilitating depression (following post-natal depression) for a number of years, the course brought her back to her old self.  The course has given her a purpose and a renewed focus, she feels passionately about helping others in her community and is empowered to find work to do this.

One participant commented:

“I feel good after this programme what I recall was when Rob (one of the facilitators) was talking about his own life, I could see myself overcoming my own struggles.”

The local MP Jess Phillips (centre) who has been working in conjunction with the DWP and Job Centre to help reach disadvantaged Asian women in the Birmingham Community was thrilled at what she saw when she visited.

She tweeted:

 ” This morning I’ve been with our second cohort of women in our special project with the job centre and @John_Recro to help some of the most marginalised women in Yardley getting the career & life they want. This might be the thing I end up being proudest of in my time in office. “

The course covered personal development work, giving attendees more confidence, motivation and boosting self-belief.  It showed them a route way into work and good team working skills. It helped people recognise strengths in themselves and others, and identify things that are holding them back. It also offered employment training including what an employer is looking for, interview technique, how to look for work effectively and how to improve your CV and applications.

We reviewed their CVs and made improvements. We addressed gaps, identified realistic objectives and agreed an action plan after in-depth one to one’s for each individual, sharing this with JCP. JCP also followed through with a job club for the groups after the course ended to ensure their increased levels of motivation and aspiration were maintained.  We attended these job clubs in the early days and were pleased to see the women taking significant steps forward.

Our Lead Recruiter has also been building relationships with work places that can offer voluntary placements and employers, such as the Hilton, to find job opportunities for the groups.

One woman left the following comment to why other people should do the course:

” I would like to say to anyone who is interested to get more confidence, feel happy, optimistic for the future, thinking and staying positive and getting a job as soon as possible, then they should join this programme and do this amazing course “.

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We have a huge demand from employers for candidates who have been through “The Life You Want ©”.

“The Life You Want ©” is a Personal Breakthrough, Motivation and Employment Programme

It is an exciting, new and powerful programme that will assist people to change their life, learn how recruitment and employers work, develop amazing skills and experiences which will stay with them forever.

It creates and develops confidence, motivation, aspiration, self-esteem and attitude as well as practical training and access to employment opportunities.

Jobseekers will never have done anything like this before and will remember it forever!