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Reset, Refocus, Return © – Esther’s Story

The Reset, Refocus, Return © programme is specifically designed for people who have recently been made redundant or have been out of work for less than 6 months and could benefit from some expert help and support to get back into work.

Esther’s Story

Like so many others, the COVID pandemic had a big impact on Esther. She has previously worked as a Guest Service Manager for a hotel, where she was employed for three and a half years. But at the beginning of the first lockdown, the hotel only remained open to key workers, and Esther didn’t feel safe going to work as she had a vulnerable family member.

Without work, she went on Universal Credit, which is how she found out about our Reset, Refocus, Return © course through a message from her job coach. Realising she needed help, she signed up, saying that, “I felt worried about my work situation, though I know I am not the only one in this position, and I felt interested in the support and advice available.”

Taking the Course

Rest, Refocus, Return © combines practical recruitment training with exercises that improve health and wellbeing, and increase motivation and confidence. It provides participants with a detailed understanding of recruitment, followed by 3 months of proactive support into work.

Through the course, Esther arrived at a few key breakthroughs in her job search. She received help with her CV, learned to approach the employer directly, and how to sell herself at interview. And alongside all this, she gained confidence in herself.

At Recro, we know that a few wobbly interviews can really hurt your confidence and motivation. But the key is patience, and the knowledge that it will all be worth it in the end when you find the job you love.

“I found the 1:1 interview support particularly helpful and I really appreciated this,” Esther said.

Return to Work

Esther credits the course she took with helping to broaden her mindset: “I felt more confident in applying for jobs that were different to the career path in mind. I felt more open minded about my career and felt reassured to know that everyone is in the same position right now.”

After finishing Reset, Refocus, Return ©, Esther found a job working as Team Leader Support for COVID-19 Test and Trace. Then, in November 2020, she continued working in Test and Trace, but for another company, as a Tier 3 Contact Tracer.

She got what she wanted – a job where she could work remotely, and see a tangible effect. “I love to make a difference. In the future I would like to find a full-time permanent team leader/reception manager/PA/office job with more stability and training and development opportunities for growth.”

We’re happy to see her with a clear vision for the future. There’s no doubt that she has the skills and knowledge to achieve it!