Project Description

One woman’s story on how she realised her dreams

Claire (name changed), encapsulates what “The Life You Want ©” is all about.

When I first met Claire in a group introduction session at the South Coast JCP she was alert, switched on and engaging. It was obvious she had something about her.

Claire also made it clear she really wanted to do the programme. But there was a but. She had childcare issues as she was a single parent.

The business case for this programme was for people who needed some confidence and motivation to get into work.

When we spoke further at the diagnostic interview later that day, it became apparent there were a number of serious barriers Claire was facing and being a single parent, childcare was the least of them. Having brought up her children single handed, she had never been in a position to work but really wanted to now.

This is the obvious bit where people in her situation get sent to a retail course or some work experience in a discount shop (which has no intention of hiring them).

During the course of the programme we discover Claire’s real passion is to work with children who have special educational needs. Why, because she has two of her own who do.

SEN teachers and teaching assistants have to have real dedication and a vocation to do such challenging but vitally important work. And like many other sectors, there’s a shortage of them.

As we progressed through the programme around competencies, CVs, real job search, presentations and interviews, Claire couldn’t get enough. All of this knowledge and training was new to her and she took it all on board.

The action plan we developed was very specific. How do you get someone who has never worked in a

situation where they are able to start and develop their career in what they really want to do quickly?

Our recruiter, Kirsty, had a plan. It was executed quickly and a local school took Claire on work experience, and got her some additional paid work initially as a dinner lady with a view to putting her through an SEN apprenticeship.

Credit to the job centre, they moved very quickly to action interview clothes and have bought in to what we are doing, which has meant doing things a little differently but this stuff works.

On the final day of the programme I overheard Claire say to someone next to her “I’m starting to believe this might really happen”. A couple of weeks later it had, she got the job!

After picking up her contract Claire said “I’m so happy, thanks to Recro I’m going to live the life I want”.

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