Project Description

When people are in a heightened state of stress or anxiety it takes it’s toll on them physically, mentally and in their performance. This then impacts on those around them be it personally or professionally. This often leads to absenteeism or presenteeism. There is a business case for wellness.

Investing in health and wellbeing is an investment which will pay off in many ways including productivity, performance, retention and attraction.

We can identify whether there are any incongruences occurring which is driving a culture or behaviour that needs to be changed. This work can encompass a broad range of topics including:

  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Overcoming obstacles and barriers. Changing mindset including fear of rejection and failure
  • Playing the percentages (improvement areas and giving yourself a competitive advantage), avoiding self-sabotage
  • Reviewing influencers, health, diet, exercise, budgeting, time management and prioritisation