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Reset, Refocus, Return © – Ewelina’s Story

The Reset, Refocus, Return © programme is specifically designed for people who have recently been made redundant or have been out of work for less than 6 months and could benefit from some expert help and support to get back into work.

The course combines practical recruitment training with exercises that improve health and wellbeing, and increase motivation and confidence. It provides participants with a detailed understanding of recruitment, followed by 3 months of proactive support into work.

Ewelina’s Story

A week after the birth of her daughter, Ewelina was informed that her company had been sold, and she would have no job to return to after her maternity leave was over. This was in 2019. A year later, she had gotten another job offer for a company in Gloucester, but when she was unwilling to relocate because of the then-recent COVID pandemic, she was made redundant.

With the stress of caring for a young child, Ewelina wanted none of it from her job. She had a specific set of criteria in her mind for what she was looking for. It needed to be very near where she lived, of course: ‘stress-free; four hours a day, or during the weekend when I do not have to worry about nursery arrangements.” Except she had trouble getting accepted into a part-time role at the various supermarkets she applied to. She was overqualified, they told her.

In the midst of this, Ewelina received an offer from the job centre to participate in Recro’s Reset, Refocus, Return © programme. ‘I did not expect much,’ she told us.  ‘I honestly thought it was another nonsense; a stranger telling me how to motivate myself to find a job … But I thought it would be a great opportunity to see other people online and exchange experience. I did not expect anything more.’

She had lost her confidence. English was not her first language, and with a young daughter to take care of, she was beginning to think a new job was more than she could handle. ‘I was afraid of the pressure; meeting new people; a new job. I was afraid to leave my child without me looking after her. I was terrified that I would have to learn all over again.’

Taking the Course

‘After the first two hours of the course, I felt like I was not alone.’

She was buoyed by hearing other people’s stories. Stories of people like her, who lost their jobs. She listened to them talk about their lives – their dreams. It made her reflect on what was truly important to her: ‘Do I really want a job that I do not like? Is the location so important?’

After she completed the course, she came to the conclusion that location, money and work benefits were not so significant as the company’s culture. With this realisation in mind, and the experience of who she met and what she learned on the course, ‘I was full of new energy …  I felt stronger and started to treat finding a job as a challenge.’

Fortunately, Recro was there to help her with job-searching strategies, improving her CV, and understanding the recruitment landscape so she could better tailor herself to employers.

A New Job

The day she finished the Reset, Refocus, Return © programme, she found exactly the job she wanted in a post on an Administration Officer for a recruitment company specialising in the defence sector. ‘They were looking for someone with the right qualifications and a good sense of humour. It was a sign for me that this company must be great.’ She applied through Indeed, as well as in a direct e-mail to the company. She sent them a short, informal cover letter and her CV, and they invited her back for an interview.

‘The day before my job interview, I received a call from John which gave me a lot of motivation. I finally felt that I was able to get my dream job. “I know you could do this job with your eyes shut but you have to manage your stress during your interview,” he said. And I did.’

She got the job a week later, beating out 153 other candidates who applied on Indeed, and that’s not counting the other websites the job was posted on.

‘I do not regret my decision. Even though I have only been working here for a month, I believe it is the best job I have had so far.’

She encourages anyone considering this programme to go for it. ‘Meet great Work Coaches. Meet the people. Get to know yourself better. Get a job. No-brainer,’ she said.

When asked for some final words, she told us, ‘I cannot thank you enough for all your support.’

Thank you, too, Ewelina. We’re glad to have been there on your journey.