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Realising the Life You Want © – January 2020 – Fareham and Gosport JCPs

Key quotes on feedback forms:

What have you learnt?

• Better self-awareness
• Good hints and tips.
• Whole new learning experience.
• Little hints and tips, changes to potential approach to pursue.
• More skills. Refreshed old skills that I have forgotten.
• To be a bit more self-confident and focused.
• Being more relaxed ‘talking forth’ and ‘opening up’.

What are your key breakthroughs?

• Patience and self-belief
• Focused my attention on my goals
• That some of the jobs available are not as bad as I thought they would be.
• A new outlook on getting back to work.
• How to de-clutter most of the things in my life and focus on the important things.
• A set idea for jobs to go for, more confidence for finding a job.
• To learn that everyone’s different, and there’s a job out there for most people.
• Different career opportunities
• Learnt how to stand up for myself and say no to my family.

How do you feel and what do you think has worked for you on this programme?

• Feel positive and with better insight into my abilities and direction in life.
• That I need to find a job quite urgently.
• I better understand about employers and doing well at interviews.
• A lot more confident.
• This course literally blew the cobwebs and cleared my thinking.
• A change of state of mind
• Feel better about myself and my future prospects.
• My self-esteem has gone up.

What would you say to someone thinking about doing the programme?

• Have an open mind.
• Very helpful
• I highly recommend it to everyone trying to get back into work. Excellent!
• Be open-minded it’s certainly different.
• Bite the bullet and keep at it.
• Give it a shot, it’s one of the best courses you can be sent on.
• It is probably the best of all of the return to work courses
• All in all, better than many of the other courses I have attended.
• Go for it, it is very worthwhile.
• They should do this programme because it will give them a purpose in their life.