Project Description

Rapid Return to Work © – Stacey’s Story

The Rapid Return to Work © programme is designed for people who have recently been made unemployed or redundant. Its aim is to provide expert help and support to get people back into work by offering personal development tips and recruitment-focused training.

Stacey joined the Rapid Return to Work © course with the mindset of wanting to learn more about what she could do to better her chances at finding employment, such as how to improve her CV, and learning what recruiters and companies are looking in an interview. She was an ideal candidate for this course as she was recently out of work and was eager to return back to paid employment. By the end, she said that “the course at Recro Consulting was fantastic!” and it’s easy to see why.

Stacey was experienced, but just couldn’t find a job.

Stacey was struggling to find employment at a senior level. Her previous role was a Training Manager for Euro Car Park, where she was employed for 5 years. After being made redundant, she applied for 17 jobs in the space of a week, but never heard back. Confused about what she was doing wrong, she was quickly becoming de-motivated and depressed, second-guessing herself and doubting if she was good enough. This was where Recro stepped in and showed her the way.

After she completed the course, Stacey had continued support from the team at Recro, which included experienced recruiters who advised her and discussed her options. She was extremely grateful for this, and would often call us up to talk about her concerns and ask for advice on what she could do to improve her chances at finding her next role. On a few occasions she found herself tearful.

“I […] had a dedicated recruiter who had a 1-1 with me to find out a bit more about what we were looking for, and any companies we were particularly interested in working for that Recro could contact. I found this particularly beneficial and key to me securing a role.”

She was experienced to a high level but found that the roles she wanted were few and far between. Not only that, the jobs she chose were very competitive, with large numbers of candidates applying. Using what she learned from the course, Stacey knew what she needed to do to improve her chances and be that stand-out candidate. She went about amending her CV by adding in key words and phrases, and tailoring her personal profile to reflect her passion and interest for the roles she was applying for.

Stacey felt the course really helped give her new ideas to explore, and different avenues to look down. She now feels more confident in what to do in her approach to finding work. For example, she had never thought of speaking to the competitors of companies she had worked with before. But she already had the knowledge and experience that she could utilise to fit easily into a new role.

All her effort finally paid off

After all of Stacey’s hard work and determination, she has secured and started a new job. She called to give some feedback on her experience with Recro and how she found the course. She was very grateful to Recro for the support and opportunities we gave her.

Stacey finished by saying, “I would highly recommend the Recro course to anyone looking/struggling to find employment.”