Project Description

An Employability Skills Success Story for Walsall JCP

How Haden was thrown a lifeline through “The Life You Want ©” and his JCP in Walsall

By February 2018, Haden had been unemployed for 8 years, he’d kept himself going by volunteering at his local Council Resource Centre and attending various courses up-skilling his keyboard and software knowledge. It was at his local JCP in Walsall, where

his work coach offered him a place on
The Life You Want ©”, a personal breakthrough, motivation and employment programme, designed to get the long-term unemployed back into the workforce.

Sceptical at first, he thought it was just another course he was required to attend. Haden had been on many throughout his unemployment, finding the presentation of material had little relevance, was written in a way that elevated the training companies but wasn’t practical for the long-term unemployed job seekers.

What he found was very different, hands-on practical skills he could use, geared to helping the long-term unemployed, giving them the tools to get the life and career they want. He mentions how John and the team at Recro had spoken to the group as individuals, treated them as ‘humans’ and how through his training, coaching and mentoring sessions that he may want to explore caring as a future direction. We learnt Haden and his wife were already registered foster carers in the community.

Haden found himself excited to see what each day would bring. He recalls heading home and enthusing to his wife who could see the difference in his outlook.

Recro asked Haden how these skills had benefited him? he replied:

“My CV looks very different now, I’m able to aim for jobs which offer more, my interview technique has improved and I come across as confident, motivated and willing.”

Haden’s confidence has meant he was able to find full time work as a fork lift truck driver currently on 31 hours a week. He’s extremely grateful to Recro, so much so he wrote a letter to his work coach and the Head of Floor at his JCP highly recommending the course be continued on a regular basis.

He’s still in regular contact with a small group of those who attended where they benefit from the ongoing support “The Life You Want ©” has to offer. With after- care, support and advice available to all those who attend; Haden feels he’s been thrown a life line.

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