Project Description

West Midlands Employability Skills Case Study

A remarkable story of renewed hope, energy and inspiration

Deborah had always worked in high-end retail, with a history of office management and admin, together with her husband they ran their own retail business and charity. As the trading environments changed, her husband’s mental illness became increasingly difficult to manage, leaving them no choice but to sell the business they’d created.

Deborah was mentally exhausted from caring for her husband, unsure of her direction, over 50 and finding herself looking for a new job…. she ended up claiming job seekers allowance.

Unemployed since July 2017, her work coach recommended she attended a course being run locally where individuals were introduced to job seeking and life skills to equip them for today’s working environments, called “The Life You Want ©”.

Working with the Recro recruiters, trainers and facilitators over two weeks, she found herself discovering and recognising skills she hadn’t considered. Transferrable soft skills that John recognised would work in a completely different sector, he could see her in a more operational role, a more customer orientated/co-ordinator role and suggested hospitality.

Several weeks after finishing the course, Deborah walks into a new position working for Marston’s Brewery as Front-of-House staff; in one of their restaurants. She quotes:

“Recro pulled me out of an anxiety spiral”

Reflecting on “The Life You Want ©”, Deborah found it was a powerful, positive and truly inspirational experience. Being involved with the group was cathartic, they became like family, supporting through group therapy exercises, discussion and interview techniques whilst unveiling a deeper emotional introspective.

She saw a change in herself and the group, many of them came in suffering with low self-esteem, resentment and anger. Together they gained confidence, higher self-esteem and a renewed productivity.

John and his team were an inspiration to her, they were pivotal in Deborah’s turnaround. She now describes herself as happy, content and confident as she gains industry experience to head for more operational positions ahead.

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