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What is SWAPs and why should you become a SWAPs Partner with us.

Sector-Based Work Academy Programme

Sector-based work academy programme (SWAPs) is an opportunity to expand and develop your talent through partnering with us as your training provider to find and make candidates job-ready, where you as the employer must offer the candidates work experience and a guaranteed interview at the end of our training programme.

Available to:
Open to everyone. Must be age 19+.

To get someone into the life and career they want

West Midlands

Why should you become a SWAPs Partner?

Helping people back to work

The Life You Want © is a life-changing course that gives the skills and knowledge to help people find their career, and gain the motivation and confidence to go for it.

Recro Consulting has been established since 2009 and over the last 13 years we have helped over 5,000 jobseekers into the career path they desire. We have done this by not only focusing on their soft skills, but also their personal and professional development.

Data shows that people are three times more likely to progress into employment from an occupationally specific pathway to that of generic employability programmes.

“I really enjoyed the course with Recro Consulting and felt it helped me to identify my strengths and include those in my CV. It was good to look at the employer’s perspective. Thank you for helping me get back into work”

Recro Partnership Promise

We have often been told we are the best provision in the Country. With our impressive track record and ability to tap into an overlooked talent market and get them work ready we promise to provide suitable candidates for your roles.

Recro Consulting understand that it’s not just about finding the person who matches the skills required but also having the right attitude and willingness to learn. As the saying goes ‘hire for attitude, train for skills’.

“I’m so pleased we have Recro delivering their programme for our customers at Jobcentre Plus. The feedback we’ve received has ALL been really positive leaving our customers feeling enthusiastic, supported and motivated to take their next steps into employment. For me, what sets Recro apart from other support we have is the way the programme looks at recruitment from the employers perspective, the different recruitment processes, and how sifting works. Thank you to all your staff, you’re a delight to work with.”

The Process

1 Discuss Your Needs

  • We work with you to understand your needs and result in the greatest number of job placements.

2 Pre-Employment Training & Guidance

  • We will implement and deliver ‘The Life You Want’ course, tailored specifically to your needs to help prepare your candidates to take on a role within your organisation.

3 Job Interview & Employment Support

  • We will prepare candidates for their guaranteed interview with you and make sure they know what to expect from the job role. Plus, our team will support them and you throughout the entire process!


“I came away after two days feeling very positive, motivated and a lot more confident in ‘me’. The time we spent discussing CV’s was wonderful and gave me true inspiration to make the very most of my skills and what I have to offer. Before then I’d not really had that level of support and help. That, along with a multitude of other useful tips truly gave me the confidence I had lost the past six months or so.”

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