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The Life You Want © – Somerset

Do you feel struck? Unmotivated? Lacking confidence? Unsure of what you want to do or how to achieve your goals? We are here to help you back into work and to get the life and career you want!

The Life You Want © is a powerful programme which assists people to change their life and develop skills and experiences which will stay with them. It is an enjoyable and informative programme.

The programme runs for two weeks, consisting of group sessions where you can meet people in similar situations to yours and support each other to progress, and one-to-one confidential sessions with career coaches who will offer you specialist advice and help depending on your particular circumstances and goals. The Life You Want © is about finding the best life and career for you, and how to achieve it.

We have achieved impressive results in helping people get back into work or training. Much of the feedback we have received from participants, employers and advisors have emphasised that this is the most effective programme for getting the unemployed into sustainable employment they have ever seen!

Please see our video from people who really benefited from our course.

How will The Life You Want © help me?

  • Increase your motivation and address anything holding you back
  • Increase your knowledge of employment market and different ways to access it
  • Increase your self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Discover new career paths and opportunities
  • Develop your confidence and aspiration, and get a new lease on life
  • Improve your wellbeing and attitude
  • Realise your potential

What can I expect from the programme?

If you go on the course, you will gain valuable knowledge and skills that can help you in the process of searching and applying for jobs . You will learn:

  • The difference between competencies, skills, education and experience
  • How the employment market works and the employer’s perspective
  • How to identify job and career opportunities
  • How to mind-map, network, and access different entry routes
  • How to improve your CV
  • How to find jobs through online profiles and job boards
  • The optimal way of applying for jobs
  • How to present yourself at interviews, which you can practice through mock interviews

At Recro, we don’t just provide general employability training. Everyone is different, so everyone needs a different kind of support. With The Life You Want ©, we will help you:

  • Figure out your goals, dreams and vision
  • Develop a career path based on your personal abilities and ambitions
  • Work around personal blockages
  • Increase your motivation, confidence and focus

After the course is finished, we continue to offer 20 weeks’ support in finding and applying for jobs.

Course date and times

Course start date: 9th May 2022.
Course length: runs over 2 weeks for 3 hours a day.
Location: Online via Webex

Course can be worked around school hours.


Take a look at what our previous participants have said!

“It’s been an eye-opening course. And it’s not just opened my eyes, it’s opened my mind, it’s opened my heart, and it’s helped me realise my full potential.”

“It’s been brilliant.”

“Better than any other course I’ve done. I’d recommend it to anyone because they actually care about people.”

“Excellent course, really enjoyed it! Helped to know there were others out there in the same situation. I’ve left the course feeling lot more positive about my job search and with a clear plan going forward.”

“I loved the positivity it brought. It’s made me realise I shouldn’t doubt myself. I know to keep pushing forward now.”

““I feel like the fire inside me is burning again and I’m more ready than before to get out and look for work. I feel that someone took time on me and gave me a chance to prove myself”

“I came away feeling very positive, motivated and a lot more confident in ‘me’. The time we spent discussing CV’s was wonderful and inspired me to make the most of what I have to offer. I hadn’t had that kind of help before. That, along with other useful tips, gave me back the confidence I had lost the past six months.”

“There’s nothing I could fault regarding the course. I really loved my one-to-one with Eddie. He was so inspirational and gave me so much hope for the future, and made me feel that anything is possible. Overall, a really positive experience, and would recommend the course to anyone struggling to find work and struggling with a lack of direction!”


Registration details

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