If nothing changes then nothing will change.

Why are you doing what you do? Is it working? Who says?

Simple questions can lead to an increase in awareness but may be accompanied by resistance, cognitive dissonance and a fear of change. Some may genuinely not know any other way.

If your reason why isn’t strong enough then change won’t happen.

Recro brings a unique approach, building evidence and awareness with stakeholders and partners who then own this and accept it. We facilitate development, improving performance and building stakeholder and client relationships, internal or external.

INLOGOV research found the need to be able to change the thinking and behaviour of the professionals before they can affect service users.

Recro has a five step solution to help you from the point you recognise something needs to change, evidencing it, enabling and facilitating the change required to deliver a high performance step change for staff, stakeholders, residents, partners or businesses.

  • Stage 1 – Awareness
  • Stage 2 – Change
  • Stage 3 – Talent
  • Stage 4 – Desire
  • Stage 5 – Delivery and Performance

We have a solution that works throughout all organisations. It builds in accountability, responsibility and success from the start, strengthening partnerships, commitment and desire. It will stop programmes, schemes and initiatives going out the door when those involved know they have very little chance of success.


John is refreshingly challenging in a very constructive way. A pivotal step in change management is getting all the stakeholders on board with a shared goal and vision. He’s able to bring a diverse range of stakeholders together and look at things differently and enables them to examine what they’re doing and think beyond their respective organisations’ own objectives and KPIs.

Head of Service – Reading Borough Council