The single biggest issue for employers is attitude, which often comes from little if any confidence, motivation, aspiration and self-esteem.

It can be difficult to balance the demand for filling places with students who are equipped to be able to perform at their best in education and training and then able to progress into sustained employment.

It is often recognised that many students need more than the basic employability support which may be funded and available if they are to fulfil their potential.

Students who may come from a disadvantaged background or face challenges out of college will benefit significantly from the support we offer. For others without such challenges, it may be what takes them from being good to great!

Recro has a range of options which can help including The Life You Want© and How To Get The Life And Career You Want©. These can be delivered in conjunction with other training and learning being undertaken and can be tailored to specific student or employer demands and challenges faced.

Our work incorporates personal and professional development with sports psychology, performance and recruitment expertise. Students are now fertile to learning, neurologically, the brain now like a sponge rather than pouring water on a stone.

Students now understand push-pull motivation, the why and the how. They get the employers perspective. They have realistic goals, dreams and vision and can see how they can get there rather than distant promises.

Working with Recro will improve attainment, improve performance including grades and improve retention. It will help with attraction, widens the pool you can choose from and will make students more employable.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is one of the key competencies employers look for at all levels and this is our speciality. EQ is often seen as a better predictor of career success than IQ so being able to develop it in students leads to better career progression, something government are starting to prioritise.