Recro brings together experts across a broad range of disciplines including personal and professional development, psychology, advisory, recruitment, training, performance and change.

We’re equipped to help you with long standing challenges which could include how to get the best from your people, how to evidence and step change in performance of a partnership, developing deeper stakeholder relations and challenging the status quo.

If nothing changes then nothing will change but to do so requires leadership and a reason why. That reason why may have become so pressing dealing with it is now unavoidable.

Our consulting experience allows organisations to maximise their ambition and ensure that strategy and policy become deliverable reality.

In employability and skills, we help you ensure residents, including the hard to reach long term unemployed are equipped and able to compete effectively to gain sustainable employment.

We get the strategy right, ensure it is realistic and achievable and then work on the how. Delivering our part makes the difference and ensuring and enabling other partners to do theirs whilst remaining focused on the employers and individuals’ needs.

Recro works with local authorities and their partners including employers to design, develop and deliver employability schemes attached to major regeneration projects or procurement exercises targeting social gain.

Whilst it is understandable for an authority to want to maximise local job and training opportunities it has to be realistic and deliverable. This means the supply chain involved (often including JCP, FE or other training providers and referral organisations) must be able to deliver in sync. This is not always the case and Recro works to amend that, creating a win-win partnership and an understanding that works for all.

Recro can provide consultancy and interim support for organisations that need extra capacity or have a need to bring in specialist expertise that they do not have access to. This can include translating economic development strategies into practical work streams and aligning partners, bidding for funding and oversight or delivery of the programmes.

What we do is bespoke and innovative. Talk to us and see how we can help.