A new, innovative and highly effective programme taking key learning and training from sports, business and other success stories. This includes business leaders and organisations, professional sports people and former Recro clients who have progressed in their career, overcome personal and career setbacks or even moved from long-term unemployment into sustainable employment.

What is it that they have done that you could learn from and do too?

We explain the tools and techniques to change mindset and behaviours.

Character and resilience are key determinants for social mobility (Social Mobility APPG) and we have found 4 key areas where people, from whatever background, must understand and be able to navigate successfully to progress towards and into work and in life.

Whether you are looking to develop staff already in work, build this into an induction and onboarding programme or use it as a recruitment tool we can tailor the programme to your specific requirements.

The Four Key Areas are:

  1. Understanding You.
  2. Understanding Employer and Business Needs and Opportunities Available.
  3. Tools, How Recruitment Works, The Rules of The Game and How To Play It.
  4. Action Plan, Priorities, Belief, Desire, Enrolling Support and Making It Happen.

This programme benefits everyone and can accelerate team building, emotional intelligence, management understanding and relationships along with confidence, motivation and aspiration.