Being able to develop emotional intelligence is often seen as a game changer for many current business challenges.

Developing EQ programmes can be bespoke for specific challenges facing organisations but what you need to know is we can facilitate a life changing and life enhancing experience for your people. That creates a win-win. Improved relationships, better decision making, higher performance along with wellbeing, retention and attraction.

How many illnesses are caused by or contributed to by stress? Depression, presenteeism, absenteeism. Stress can be created by an incongruence, an example of which may be an individual or a team working on a project which they are aware cannot be delivered successfully but feel unable to voice this or make changes.

Are your teams, managers and leaders able to connect, communicate safely to discuss performance and does the culture make it feel safe to suggest ideas on improving delivery?

To perform at your best you need to be confident in what you’re doing. A BITC report found only 2 in 5 are working at peak performance.

We can go deep and facilitate some serious questions including purpose and legacy which lead to increased confidence, empowerment and being able to deal in the business of reality.

Developing individuals, teams and organisations that are comfortable with having difficult conversations, questioning why things are done without fear of repercussion, able to challenge with respect, safe in the knowledge that the intention is pure.

Leads to high performance, better health and wellbeing, less stress, more productivity, employer and client satisfaction. Enabling people to thrive.