You’ve worked as a facilitator, trainer or coach for a while now. You’ve worked with a range of people which may have included anything from corporates, sports teams, students to disadvantaged and unemployed.

You know how to facilitate a group, build the momentum, work the dynamics, overcome the objections and challenges. You inspire, helping to change people’s beliefs, thinking and build confidence, aspiration and motivation.

You know you’re good and deliver results but wonder what could really be achieved if the power of this work was harnessed and accessible to those who would benefit most.

Recro Consulting is an employability and recruitment solutions business which utilises the best of personal and professional development material, wrapped with recruitment expertise and training.

We work with groups of long-term unemployed people, many of whom have some serious challenges, others just need some expert help or advocacy, but all need a paradigm shift in confidence, motivation and aspiration.

“The Life You Want ©” is a personal breakthrough, motivation and employment programme and does just that! It is the premier programme at getting unemployed people into sustainable employment. It delivers a paradigm shift in confidence, motivation and aspiration and the training which follows is leading edge recruitment training which helps delegates understand how recruitment really works, covering all the things most people were never taught.

Coaching, mentoring and access to opportunities follows and when participants get into work, they stay, often progressing and developing their careers.

This is the game changer they point to.

You’ll have a background in facilitation, coaching, mentoring, training, psychology or personal and professional development.

You’ll need to be passionate, determined and resilient. You’ll have gravitas, inspire belief and be flexible as locations will vary.

We’re interested in finding the best possible people and can look at all arrangements to suit your circumstances.

We’re a challenger in the market, but consistently deliver with participants, employers and funders saying it’s the most effective programme they’ve ever seen.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, send your CV with a covering letter outlining your current circumstances, what you’re looking for and what you could bring to Recro.

Facilitator / Trainer / Coach
Purpose of the role
To deliver “The Life You Want ©” in conjunction with a recruitment expert colleague

  • Set up venue ready for the programme
  • Facilitation and delivery of “The Life You Want ©”
  • Ongoing coaching and mentoring support to participants where and if required
  • Any administration required including sign in forms, feedback and certificates
  • Raising any issues or concerns to colleagues

    Person Spec

    • Extensive experience of facilitation, training or coaching, including with challenging individuals and groups
    • An understanding of human behaviour, psychology, neuroscience
    • Experience of working in personal or professional development
    • Strong leadership, able to challenge and inspire
    • Strong communication skills, able to use a wide variety styles and methods
    • Experience of using a wide range of tools and exercises
    • Flexible and able to work in a variety of locations
    • Team player, working in synergy with co-trainer (recruitment expert) and colleagues
    • Buy in to the ethos of Recro, out purpose and what we are trying to achieve
    • Character and resilience