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Welcome To Recro Consulting

We provide employability skills programmes and recruitment solutions to help the unemployed find work across the UK

Our mission is to connect those out of work, from all backgrounds, with employers and local authorities. Our employability skills programmes have been proven to improve confidence, aid personal development and increase the likelihood of the workless becoming employed.

We know that lack of confidence, aspiration and motivation is real challenge for many people out of work, for whatever reason. This can affect their mindset and manifest in poor attitude and unhelpful behaviours. Some are not life ready let alone work ready. Too often, little if anything is done to address this.

That has to change.

Recro wants to be employability skills partner of choice.  We want to deliver personal and professional development to the masses: often the people who could benefit most, but are the least likely to get access to it.

Who We Work With:


Job Centres

Local Authorities & Councils

Housing Associations

Voluntary Organisations

Schools & Colleges

What Do Recro Do?

We design and deliver personal and professional development programmes helping people to get the job, life and career they want by progressing them towards and into sustainable employment.

This includes our flagship personal breakthrough, motivation and employment programme The Life You Want© which delivers a paradigm shift in confidence, motivation, aspiration and self-esteem.

Delegates get leading edge recruitment training, preparing them for interviews and understanding how the game works! It changes people’s lives, switches their lights on and gives them the tools to get the life and career they want. We support them with training, coaching and mentoring into sustainable employment.

When working with businesses we make the complex bit in the middle work more effectively and efficiently. Recro provides expert consultancy and support to help all partners involved maximise the social gain and aspirations from any employment opportunities.

Recro Employability Skills Course Birmingham
Hiring From Our Recro Programmes and Workshops

Where Do Recro Run Programmes?

We run programmes and workshops up and down the country. Our latest programme will be running in Coventry.

We’ve also run programmes previously in the following locations:


Find out what people think about our employability and recruitment programmes:

“I feel like the fire inside of me is burning again and I’m more ready than before to get out and look for work.
I feel that someone took time on me and gave me a chance to prove myself.”

The Life You Want, Hartlepool

“I feel good! What has worked for me was the personal development area of the programme…
to help identify the areas that need to be improved and given me the confidence to do so.”

The Life You Want, Enfield

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