Introducing Recro Consulting – we’re recruitment and employability specialists.

Are you…

• Struggling to attract the right talent?
• Having skills shortages that are effecting your business?
• Frustrated dealing with JCP, colleges, training providers and charities?
• Needing to reduce your time per hire, cost per hire and improve retention?
• Wanting to work with schools and open up work placements and CSR opportunities but struggle to get traction?

If you have a recruitment project that needs to be delivered by a proven specialist that can make it happen, Recro Consulting could be an ideal choice.

We’re able to hire the right candidates as well as work with your existing staff to help their confidence, motivation and aspiration – resulting in higher employee engagement and productivity for your business.

We have a proven track record of personal and professional development work, from turning young unemployed people with no hope and no motivation into a star employees, to re-energising and refocusing experienced teams.

Recro has extensive experience in all aspects of recruitment and we can deliver, advise and run bespoke projects for you or act as your recruitment partner. We’re also experts in working with local authorities, JCP, colleges and other organisations that you may deal with and can help them significantly improve their understanding of and ability to deliver what employers need.

We know that getting the right people can be challenging and the system can be complicated. We aim to simplify it.

Find out how we could do that for you.

Please get in touch with me today by calling me on 07837 663 969 or emailing me at john.mcdonough@recroconsulting.co.uk

Best regards

John McDonough