Recro is an employability and recruitment solutions consultancy and training company.

We utilise personal and professional development, with recruitment, coaching and learning and development expertise to help employers hire and develop people, accessing a more diverse talent pool whilst helping those looking for opportunities gain exposure, visibility and access to them.

We offer a full range of recruitment services and bespoke, innovative solutions helping organisations of all sizes across the UK. This includes:

Hiring from our programmes. We can provide motivated and prepared candidates for job opportunities and apprenticeships. Candidates will have been through The Life You Want© and will have experienced a huge increase in confidence, aspiration, motivation and attitude. Candidates will be supported once they start employment through coaching and mentoring.

Recruitment and supply chain audit – helping you get what you need from the system. Are you able to hire the talent you need? What does it actually cost your business in time and cost per hire when using JCP, colleges or training providers? Is there a better way which would meet your needs? As skill shortages increase, what are you going to do differently?

Talent development, onboarding and upskilling. Having made the hire, including apprenticeships, many businesses may need to get people to the next level. This can include the softer attitudinal skills including confidence, motivation and emotional intelligence. We can do this quickly and effectively.

Project based recruitment – broadening talent pool and increasing diversity. We can also provide temporary, permanent and search and selection recruitment services as well as retention strategies, outplacement, coaching and mentoring

The level of service you would expect from a recruitment partner

Recro wants to deliver the level of service you would expect from a recruitment partner and can work with you to reduce your time per hire, cost per hire, improve retention and help you become an employer of choice.