In Mental Health Awareness Week I thought I’d share our experiences of working with people who are out of work and looking for a new job.

2020 saw hundreds of thousands of people lose their job through no fault of their own. Getting over the shock and possibly anger is the first step but then they need to figure out what to do. Some may have a plan and others may not. For many, as the weeks turn into months and the bills keep coming, a sense of anxiety can increase which can lead to panic and depression.

A person’s state affects their thinking and behaviour. As their state deteriorates, it will affect their health, their focus, their relationships and their actions. If they manage to secure an interview, how are they going to perform?

If someone has been on furlough for months, what has that done to their confidence and self-esteem?

In our experience, including working with the long-term unemployed for many years. Being able to change somebody’s state and mindset is essential before they can do anything else. They need a paradigm shift in confidence, motivation, aspiration and self-esteem.

Being able to achieve that is essential. If you can get this right, everything changes.

We consistently work to bring the best of personal and professional development material with a recruitment wrap around to help people get the life and career they want. If psychology and neuroscience is good enough for high performing sports teams and corporates, let’s create a paradigm shift where the default is to give people access to the best possible help and support available.

If we can help shift the focus to that, their mental health is going to be better, as is their health, their relationships and productivity. As the economy starts to open up, isn’t that what we want?

Have a look at the impact it has had on these people:
“Before I started the course (The Life You Want ©) I suffered with depression and anxiety on a daily basis, I am a really nervous person and struggle in social situations.
I was told about the Zen Power app (a tapping app which reduces stress and anxiety levels) in the course and I found it really good, especially when I felt anxious or worried about anything, I would use it.

I had never heard of or used anything to help me before, so it was really nice of Rowan to tell us about it. When I first used it, I felt calmier and less worried about things. I had an interview at KFC and whilst I was walking there, I listened to Zen Power app the whole way there, it really helped me to calm my nerves before I went in for the interview. I didn’t feel so nervous when I had my interview and it actually went really well. I will continue to use the Zen Power app whenever I feel anxious or nervous because it really helped me a lot and made such a difference.” – AH April, 21

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