Employers constantly talk about the struggle to attract good young people. They find there is a lack of awareness and knowledge of career opportunities with many school leavers. Ofsted are now putting a greater focus on progress and destinations.

Pupils often don’t know about different industry sectors, career paths, requirements and entry routes to them.

Then we hear about poor attitude, lack of aspiration and motivation. This often stems from low self-confidence and self-esteem.

Recro provides consultancy with schools and can deliver bespoke training and workshops for staff and pupils.

This includes our How To Get The Life And Career You Want© programme which can be supplemented with further bespoke support.

We deliver intensive workshops and training including adventure based, offsite, which increases confidence, aspiration and motivation, helping both pupils and staff become the best they can be.

This work has helped turn the worst performing school in a city to the best. 90% of the “bad lads” who were expected to track to a young offender institute or similar went on to achieve 5 or more A-C GCSE’s.

This is very powerful and innovative work. Research from the US has highlighted the importance of neuroscience in helping this group achieve.

Increasingly, researchers including Paul Tough are highlighting the need for character and resilience, as are employers. The three G’s from New York, growth, grit and graft.

Building relationships with employers which deliver work placements and work experience, as well as tapping into any appetite for mentoring support is essential for schools who want to do their best to maximise their children’s chances of success.

Prof Alison Wolf’s report on social mobility highlighted the importance of work experience, whether through organised school schemes, Saturday jobs or proactive voluntary arrangements.

Recro can work with schools to design, develop and deliver schemes with local employers and advise and develop progression routes including advice and options.

It’s tough out there for young people and too many we come across have not had advice, guidance, options and experience as they might have done. This often leads to unemployment, albeit via various training programmes of qualifications.

Working with Recro delivers a paradigm shift in confidence, motivation, aspiration and attitude and helps pupils and teachers get the life and career they want.