Sector-Based Work Academy Programme (SWAPs)

Sector-based work academy programme (SWAPs) is an opportunity to learn new skills and get experience of working in a particular industry, for example Hospitality, Care and Construction.

This is training that eases you into employment by offering you tailored training with a specific sector and employer or employers in mind, preparing you for work experience and a guaranteed interview with the employer, and a job offer within 6 weeks of starting the course if you meet the employer’s criteria.

This will offer you invaluable experience of building key skills, gaining recruitment know-how, getting to know an employer and understanding what they are looking for and how to confidently demonstrate your skills and personality to help you get a job!

Available to: Sector-Based Work Academy Programme

Open to everyone. Must be age 19+.


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West Midlands

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We been granted funding by the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) and partnered with Hilton Metropole Birmingham to offer our programme, The Life You Want ©.

The Life You Want © is a life-changing course that gives you the skills and knowledge to find a job, and the motivation and confidence to go for it. Hospitality is one of the best sectors for career progression with its most expansive and dynamic career paths. From front desk, housekeeping, waiting staff, kitchen assistants to general management, chefs, and event coordinators. There’s something for everyone. And Recro Consulting are here to help you discover the best career path for you.

SWAPs consist of three parts:

1 Pre-employment training from The Life You Want © This includes:

  • Increasing your motivation, aspirations, confidence, and wellbeing.
  • Understanding the difference between competencies, skills, education and experience.
  • How the employment market works and the employer’s perspective.
  • In-depth discussions about our employer partners.
  • How to improve your CV and Cover Letters.
  • The optimal way of applying for jobs.
  • How to present yourself at interviews. Practice with mock interviews.

2 Work experience with our partner employer, Hilton Metropole, where you can learn new skills on the job

  • Throughout the programme we will talk to you about our partner employer, Hilton Metropole, find a suitable role for you to spend time in and gain experience.

3 Job Interview

  • At the end of the programme, you will have a guaranteed job interview with our partner employer, Hilton Metropole. If you are not offered the job role from the interview, we will help with other job application processes.

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“It was really interesting to gain an insight on how job searching works and what employers are looking for. I came here with an idea of what I wanted to learn and got everything I wanted out of the course. It’s been fantastic! Over the course of 2 weeks, I’ve gone from feeling unsure and the thought of having to get up and do it every day was a bit worrying, but I soon started to enjoy it. The way the course runs is fantastic. I am now in full-time employment and loving every minute of it!”

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