What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Is it safe in your organisation or partnership to speak up?

Is there a disconnect between the ambition in your strategy and your delivery?

Do you know why? Do you want to? If you did, what would be the consequences? How would you change?

What impact does that have on your people and delivery?

Recro has a unique approach which explores these questions and more.

Using an evidence based approach, often gathered in a confidential, no blame approach, we are able to identify areas of incongruence where it is apparent that there are problems with what is intended to be delivered.

We often take an approach similar to a premortem, through a blend of styles and exercises, we are able to create an environment where the opportunity cost and unintended consequences can be mapped out and steps taken to rectify. This may include work on leadership, culture and performance.

This approach has been used successfully across a huge range of organisations from schools, Fortune 500 businesses, the military and high performance sports teams and athletes.

If you don’t who will?

There is a business case for wellness for staff, partners and residents, as well as being able to attract businesses to your area.

If you have investment, you have to maximise benefits and that likely means a step change from what happens currently.