Working with Recro and supporting The Life You Want© is some of the most inspiring and powerful work you could facilitate. It changes people’s lives and often helps the most disadvantaged who, without this, will not be able to gain or sustain employment or deal with a number of challenges, problems and barriers that they have in their life.

It broadens your talent pool, enabling you to access wider range of candidates to address skills shortages.

This intensive personal and professional development work is used by corporates, high performing sports teams and individuals looking to improve their life.

Recro is bringing it to those who need it most but are least likely to get it.

By supporting this work you help build an evidence base and the case for government and public sector agencies to fund this work and enable broader access.

It maybe that your staff are interested in mentoring and helping support people who have been through the programme into work and dealing with other challenges they may have. Staff will be fully trained and supported and will be dealing with motivated individuals, committed to changing their life and maximising the time spent with a mentor.

If it’s of interest, this can be further linked with talent management schemes within your organisation where the mentoring and training is part of an ongoing development plan.

It is a humbling experience and a real privilege to see the transition of people who have been through The Life You Want © and to help play a part in them transforming their lives.