“The Life You Want ©” is a highly innovative, intensive, experiential personal breakthrough, motivation and employment programme. The programme was initially designed for the hard to reach long term unemployed and other groups including problem / troubled families, but can be tailored for anyone, including businesses, from onboarding career progression, development and team building.

“The Life You Want ©” delivers a paradigm shift in confidence, aspiration, motivation and attitude that is unrivalled by anything else currently being delivered in the UK.

We are often able to get our candidates preferential access to employment and training opportunities.

It is an exciting and powerful programme that assists people to change their life. It will help participants:

  • Increase motivation and develop aspiration
  • Increase self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Address blockages, improve health and attitude
  • Increase their knowledge of employment and careers and how to access jobs
  • Increase their ability to change their life, break habits, gain and hold onto a job
  • Help them address personal issues that affect them and often hold them back
  • Help realise their real potential and give them a new lease of life

It is typically followed by leading edge recruitment training helping delegates to understand for themselves how recruitment works and the employer’s perspective.

It provides specific help to develop a career path, explains how the employment market works, different approaches and the employer’s perspective.

The programme design is reality based, meeting people where they are currently in life and supporting them to grow in the areas that they choose.

Make no mistake about it; this programme is about creating powerful, positive and lasting changes, individually tailored to the participant’s needs, wants and desires.

We work respectfully with people to achieve life-changing results.

“The Life You Want ©” can be delivered in partnership and can be tailored to meet specific employment and training opportunities if required.

People say:

“I have learnt more in the last few hours than on all the other employment programmes I have ever done”

“This course has re-instated my self-belief and given me more confidence and self-worth”

“This programme has made me very happy and confident. People around me have noticed the energy and power in me”

“I feel like the fire inside of me is burning again and I’m more ready than before to get out and look for work. I feel that someone took time on me and gave me a chance to prove myself.”