Recro calls for transparency of programmes in helping people get back into work

As more than one million people come off furlough and no one yet knows how many are heading to their local Job Centre, Recro calls for all job seekers and all work coaches to have access to transparent data on the performance of programmes designed to help people back into work.

The government is spending £billions to get people back into work but how much of it is going on effective support and how much is being wasted on poor quality provision?

Managing Director of Recro Consulting, an employability and recruitment solutions business which gets over 50% of job seekers back into work on many of their programmes, says

“The system is broken and is often not doing what it is supposed to do. It really doesn’t need to be so complicated and inefficient. Everyone should have the right to access the best possible support available and that is currently not the case. No one can give me a good reason why that isn’t the case. The most obvious place to start would be for job seekers and their work coach to be able to see the performance of programmes. If a national programme is getting 13% back into work and another programme gets 8% into work and another gets 22% into work that can be disheartening to start with. But if Recro often get 50% plus isn’t that what everyone should have access to? If the government want to level up, the first thing they should do is make a basic attempt for people to have the best chance of getting back into work.”

The number of job vacancies is increasing and so does the unemployment rate, but the real question is – how can the enormous number of available vacancies be filled properly and why are government’s programmes not that effective as they were rumoured to be? And why are these vacancies not being filled yet?


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Editor’s notes
Recro Consulting is an employability and recruitment solutions consultancy and training company. Their award-winning programmes are seen as the most effective in the UK at helping people get back into work. Many of their programmes get at least 50% of people back into work. Participants often describe their experience of being on a Recro programme as life changing.