Our core is employability and recruitment solutions but so much of what we do is required in related areas we’ve broadened our service offering.

Our consultancy helps organisations and partnerships who may be stuck and don’t know how to progress or change something. Staff don’t feel empowered, confident, that it is a priority or may be resistant. Helping them overcome that is a game changer in any sector.

The system many operate in around regeneration, employability and skills is often not geared up for success. That’s where we can help you get to the next level.

Many employers have been frustrated for many years not being able to get what they need from the system. This has huge business consequences and as skill shortages increase, the need to be able to attract and retain staff increases and that means broadening your target candidate base which we will help you to do.

We’ve helped businesses fill vacancies which have been open for a long time as well make great hires with people changing career

The increasing pressures on students of all ages and education institutions require a response. How do you help students be the best that they can be? Part of that is helping staff to do the same for themselves.

We’ve worked in schools previously helping children from deprived areas get work experience and jobs to schools where the pupils are struggling with stress and anxiety as well as with really challenging pupils. In one failing school 90% of the “bad lads” who were tracking to a YOI got 5 or more GCSEs A-C.

What we do should be of interest to every organisation. Whether it’s change, end to end recruitment, maximising ROI in regeneration schemes to developing emotional intelligence and improving health and wellbeing.