Zen power

What is Zen Power?
Zen power is a tapping app designed to help you reduce stress and anxiety.

At Recro, we know how job seeking, going for interviews, and starting a new job can make you feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. These are all normal feelings that affect most people, but they don’t have to take you over.

By being on a Recro programme, you are given access to the Zen Power App.

“One intervention of less than 5 minutes was proven to reduce stress and anxiety on average by over 70% in users”

How does the Zen Power App help?
• Immediate response to issues – many in under 5 minutes
• Support individuals by controlling mental health issues quickly and effectively
• You can use Zenpower when any negative, distracting or confusing emotion is occupying your thoughts, or you feel any build up of emotional discomfort that relates to anxiety, worry, fear or stress. It also works if you simply feel confused about your current thought patterns.

How to use Zenpower
It is incredibly intuitive and easy to follow. Once you have joined on one of our programmes, we will send you an email with our access code and link to download the Zen Power App. The app provides direction at every stage of this rapid relief process. You cannot do anything wrong AND you cannot break it. And it’s fine to keep your challenges in your mind as you go through the process. It requires the presence of the emotion in order to reduce it.

What previous programme candidate had to say:

“Before I started the course I suffered with depression and anxiety on a daily basis, I am a really nervous and struggle in social situations. I was told about Zen power app (a tapping app aimed at improving stress and anxiety levels) in the course and I found it really good, especially when I felt anxious or worried about anything, I would use it. I had never heard of or used anything to help me before so it was really nice of Rowan to tell us about it. When I first used it, I felt calmer and less worried about things. I had an interview at KFC and whilst I was walking there I listened to Zen Power app the whole way there, it really helped me to calm my nerves before I went in for the interview. I didn’t feel so nervous when I had my interview and it actually went really well. I will continue to use the Zen Power app whenever I feel anxious or nervous because it really helped me a lot and made such a difference.”