Project Description

“I am truly and genuinely happy” – Rosemary Case Study

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Meet Rosemary

Recro Consulting’s unique approach to employability solutions involves candidates figuring out the things that motivate them, and learning to prioritise the things that are most important to them in a job. Rosemary was a candidate who couldn’t be satisfied with anything less than the perfect job.

Rosemary was passionate about making a difference. Recently out of a job, she had a clear vision for her future career: a role where she could create real, positive change, and give strength to the disempowered. She was a motivated, driven candidate who just needed a little help to get started.

On the Course

Recro Consulting specifically designed the Reset, Refocus, Return © programme for people who have been out of work for less that 6 months, and could benefit from some expert help and support to get back into work. It provides participants with a detailed understanding of recruitment, followed by 3 months of proactive support into work.

Being unemployed, even in the short-term, can be discouraging. This course combines practical recruitment training with exercises that improve health and well-being, and increase motivation and confidence. “The course that I took part in with Recro Consulting was really beneficial and helpful for my personal development,” Rosemary told us, “it taught me how to stay positive during my time of unemployment and also how to stand out amongst other applicants.”

When we first met Rosemary, she was keen to find jobs in the public sector in places where she could make a positive impact, like the NHS or charities. Recro helped her improve her CV and prepared her for interviews to increase her chances of getting the job she wanted. Within the support time period, we got her two jobs, but neither were the right fit for her. With such strong drivers, Rosemary needed a role that aligned closely with her dreams – that she could embrace whole-heartedly.

Rosemary in the BBC

In November 2020, Recro ran a talk with employees from the BBC for candidates who were interested in applying for their apprenticeship scheme. Recro is always happy to help out candidates, past and present. This is how we got back in touch with Rosemary, who wanted to apply for the scheme after attending the talk. It was a difficult application process, but fortunately, Recro was there to help her. In the end, she got the job!

She has now worked there as a Team Assistant for six months, and loves it: “I am really happy at my job at the BBC now, it is one of the best career choices I have ever made. I am really enjoying working with my team and the job duties that I have to do daily. I am truly and genuinely happy.”

She ended by saying, “Recro helped me get here because they not only gave me the resources to prepare for the interview and to have a good CV and cover letter. They helped me mentally to believe in myself and to understand that I can achieve what I want and I am more than capable to do really well in my chosen dream job. Thank you to all the team at Recro, I want to especially thank Caroline and Eddie.”

We’re so proud of her for getting this far, and best of luck for the rest of her career goals!